Defining Moments...

Side Note #1:
This is definitely a Miss Hyde week...
I don't think I need to elaborate. I'll just quickly change the subject.

Side Note #2:
After being in a state of impasse for far too long, I would have to say, one of the main things that keeps me from going off the deep end are my hobbies. Crafting is the ultimate remedy to keep a wandering mind on the straight and narrow. Even if only temporarily.

Side Note #3:
The problem... well, dilemma I am having with blogging is that fact that I really don't like to talk much about myself/what I'm doing/what my plans are, etc. Call me superstitious, but honestly it's just that I'm a private person, and I really don't feel like I have anything that groundbreaking to share. I don't reveal much... I don't divulge a lot of information freely (although, don't be fooled, I have lots of information stirring around in my head), unless asked. So this is hard and invasive and totally awkward, because honestly, a blog about myself feels pretty narcissistic. Nonetheless, maybe this is a bit therapeutic for me. It allows me the chance to show/share myself with others. And I've always been a pretty good sharer.

This blog also lets me show off share my thousands handful of projects ;)

For an instant gratification project, this slouchy hat was definitely something mindless effortless for me to get into quickly. It gave me a break from the other boring and under-stimulating knitting projects that I started (and have to drag myself to finish).

Plus, I love small projects that I can work on while watching Y & R.

A squishy headband that I made out of the yumminess I got on my birthday yarn crawl. It's WAY too big, so I'm going to unravel the whole thing, start it over and make it much, much smaller.

My chunky cable sweater. Still a work in progress.
I can't bear to work on this right now. It's been 100 degrees lately, and there is no way in hell I want this heavy heap of wool on my lap! As with the project below, since I'm in no hurry to finish it, it will be done by the time it is actually cold enough outside to use it.

This granny square blanket is something that has been in hibernation for far too long. But since it is now "technically" Fall, I figured I should bring it back to life, and try to finish it off. My next blanket/afghan will HAVE to be more challenging (actually ALL of my future projects will have to be more challenging). And of course, I already have the next pattern(s) ready to go!

I'm also working on a few of other things that I haven't gotten around to taking pictures of. These include needle cases (because things are getting out of control), a couple of costumes, and a sweater that I'm going to attempt to design myself. More on that later.

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