I usually don't take requests...

But I've been asked to show the latest pain in my side.

So, literally 5 of you know that I decided to take a couple of fashion refresher courses. And I'm sure the first thing that is flying into your mind is 'Are you getting back into fashion'?!?!?!

My answer to that is yes and no. Technically, I never left it. I've always loved design (in all shapes and form), I've continued to design and I've continued to sew. I just switched gears along my path to figuring out what I really wanted to do career-wise.

I've realized that I just love design; creating things, constructing and deconstructing things, researching... I like many different types of things and I spend a great deal of time working hard to be proficient at all of them. On the outside, I'm sure this appears to be a true lack of focus, but I don't see it that way. I've just learned to accept the fact that I will always be in 3 places at once. I'm finally at a place in life, where I'm ok with it.

What I'm really trying to get into is WORK. In any shape or form, but hopefully work that really utilizes the skills that I have acquired over the years - that would be specifically design (whether landscape or fashion/costume). My perfect job is not necessarily out there, therefore, I will have to create it brick-by-brick, or in this case pattern-by-pattern, design-by-design.

So to make this blog longer than it needs to be...
This semester I decided to take a patternmaking class (again). This class is super fast-paced (we've already done over 15 patterns, over the past month!!!). In the little time I've been in the class, I've already learned so much. It's funny how when you do things the 2nd time around, the light bulb goes off. Or maybe I'm in a better place to understand the information. This class has given me enough confidence (or delusion, depending on how you look at it) to get me back in a game. Maybe not the game, but a game.

So here is our first big project.
It's the usual find a picture of a skirt from any magazine, interpret it, draft the pattern, and make a mock-up assignment.

Here is the skirt:

Fairly simple - straight skirt, straight waistband (wb), gathers @ wb, horizontal pleats, possible pockets and side zipper.

My interpretation:

I tweaked it just a little - put on a contoured wb with less gathering. I also decided on no pockets. I couldn't tell if there were pockets on the original, but for the sake of making life easier (and less sewing) I decided to do w/out. I am also going to put in an invisible zipper @ the center back (cb).

Here is the pattern draft:

Added 1" of fullness from the dart areas and then placed my style lines for pleating.

Here is the final pattern:

5 pieces total. Front/Front Waistband and Back/2-piece Back Waistband

Pleat Detail:
As cool as pleats look... they are a pain in the ass!

Here is the skirt mock-up:
In muslin of course. Good thing I had a roll hanging around.

Mini fitting:
Sorry if the image is blurry! It's hard to do a self portrait, in a mirror, in the dark!

So there you go!
Hope you enjoyed that.

I'm actually doing this skirt one more time ($%@&!!!!!) in a regular fabric. I'll post that when it's all finished up in the next few hours (hopefully)...

I'm sure there will be more of these types of assignments in the future.
I think we are going to do a shirt and pants, so stay tuned.

[Quick plug:]
If you are interested in a costume or an outfit for a special occasion (or any occasion for that matter), hit me up, and I'll see what I can do for you. If Walmart is more your price range, you will not want to do business with me. This is custom-made clothing, not mass produced. Serious clients only.

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