Birthday Crawl

So I'm still in recovery mode [haven't gotten off the couch today and I've been awake since 7am!!!], but I will say the d.h. and I had a GREAT day yesterday on our little day trip to Solvang! We also managed a 5 store yarn crawl [initially supposed to be a 7 store crawl]. Not too shabby!

ETA: I got off the couch... moved around, and now I'm back on the couch ;)

I feel weird (to put it mildly) about taking photos off all the places I visit... Unless of course, I'm actually being a tourist. But I did come back bearing lots of goodies :D

Here is the yarn crawl for 8/21:
[Crawl including 3 other shops, but we were dead tired after a long day of walking, shopping and sitting in major traffic coming home!] I know the image below might be a little too tiny to see much detail, but if you look at the map, and see the rough distance traveled... well, you'll get the idea.

Below are the results of my top 3 favorite stops on this trip.

Anacapa Fine Yarns [Ventura]

This color is called "Roanoke Gold"

VAA 51, no color name

Village Spinning & Weaving

I told myself I wouldn't do this. That is, start another hobby. But, with as much free time as I have, this was simply irresistible. Once I was in the shop, the owners husband and wife John and Marsha were SOOOOO nice and helpful. I even got a lesson on fiber and spinning :D Glad I made the trip!

4 oz Jacob Top

4oz of Blue Face Leicester [Black]

4 oz of Finn Top

And of course, a spindle!

If I can stick to this, and learn it well, then I'll work my way up to a wheel. Rapunzel? But for now, this is a very economical way to start my new hobby.

Loop & Leaf [Santa Barbara]

Madeline Tosh Worsted in Sequoia...I don't get the name :\

Madeline Tosh Worsted in Chamomile...a.k.a. A little taste of Sunshine!

Fleece Artist - BFL Socks in 'Peacock'...Of course, with a name like that...

Schoppel Wolle - Zauberball in '(?)' :D isn't it obvious?!

Rio de la Plata - Sock in 'Sparkling Grape'

Loop & Leaf is awesome by the way. Lots of great stuff here. Some stuff I recognized, but I'd say about 95% of the store was brand new to me. I hadn't heard of many of the brands there, so that's always fun finding new things to touch and [eventually] knit up!

Of course,
After a long day of not being home, I can always look forward to coming home to very unhappy, bitter terriers! Some "genius" decided it would be a good idea to toss the phone book into the yard, and the dogs [of course] took that as an invitation for a game of 'let's see how quick we can shred it all over the lawn'. Riley then proceeded to attack a lost roll of t.p. when she came in the house. Guess someone was really mad LOL

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