Ctrl + Z please?

I'm still formatting my blog.

You know, trying to spruce things up a bit, make it a little more appealing and what not. But every time I start messing with all this html/javascript crap, I just want to throw my laptop into the middle of the street! Argh!!!

Anyway quick side note:
For those of you too lame to post comments [you know who you are], blogger has 'reaction' buttons [like on Ravelry!]that I just literally found out about. Feel free to click away. It's the least you could do ;)

Last side note:
I want to mention that I am working on a widescreen type of set up... so what looks good on my side, may not necessarily look good on yours. Please forgive anything that seems out of proportion/not centered or aligned properly/weird colors, etc. Once again, it looks great on this end, but I'm aware everyone's screen settings are different.

Ok, as you were.

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