Finishing Details...

What's a dress without the accessories?
And a mini dress rehearsal... of course ;)

The day BEFORE the BIG day...
So we arrived in Napa around 3pm on June 23rd, and unlike most brides the day before the BIG day, I had to scurry around and find flowers (for the bouquet and boutonniere), I had to finish the hat, and finish hand-sewing the dress.

This was a LONG night as we had a lot of steaming and packing to do.


So... my flowers were purchased at... SAFEWAY *gasp*
For all of you that don't believe you can pull off a wedding for under a few thousand dollars, you should consider calling an expert for advice. That expert being ME!

I called Safeway (Vons) the week before to inquire about the floral stock, and to my surprise, actually SHOCK, they keep Peonies in stock in the summer, in like 5 colors! I was floored because, you know... this is Vons! A place that keeps Alstromeria, Chrysanthemums, Roses and Sunflowers in stock 24/7/365. Peonies?!?! I'll take ALL of them!

Bouquet includes 2 colors of Peonies (pink and magenta) <-- who knew I would grab pink?!, Button Chrysanthemums (had to add my green in there) and some unknown filler flower that was really cute and papery. I love my papery flowers!

After the bouquet was done, suddenly, everything felt like it was coming together...



After dozens of pin pricks with 2" floral pins, I was finally able to put it all together. JR was very helpful in the process. I was in the middle of breakdown # 5,387 that day, and I didn't need any more snafu's.



But of course... anything that CAN go wrong WILL go wrong.

When I washed the dress the day before (to get all my chalk markings out) it unraveled the buttonholes which I completely FORGOT weren't finished! It also unraveled some inside details that no one else would probably EVER see or notice, but since I'm really anal at times, they really bugged me!

And I'm working with linen here, so if you don't know, linen likes to unravel all over the place as it is, and of course WRINKLE like no other. So I had to bust out some hand-sewing skills (knew that tailoring class would come in handy one day!) to fix the mistakes on top of some heavy steaming action w/ the iron and the steamer.

I skipped those pictures as well, because for those of you that know THAT side of me (and luckily it's not that many of you!)... my 'livid' look (and attitude) is far from my best side. I chose to keep that person in the basement.

By the way... that thing hanging off the back of my dress... is part of my under garment *oops* And the shoes, the heels were like 4"... and for those of you that don't know... I DON'T WEAR HEELS EVER. So you know this was a special occasion!





We stayed at the most amazing Bed and Breakfast EVER. We figured we should go all out. And I'm sooooo glad we ended up staying @ this B&B because it was RIDICULOUSLY dog-friendly. The inn keepers owned 3 mini schnauzers (I was sold after that... we could've been sharing a room w/ roaches and I would've said yes!). The room included a split of Mumm on arrival, hand made cookies/sweets, bottled water, a bag of dog treats/toys... well... it included a lot.

But below is a sneak peek of the room (sorry it's a little dark).
And, I shouldn't have shaved Tinsley in the middle of my breakdown... I took a bit too much off his chest ;)


Next...the big day...

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