Nothing really interesting to report back on.

This after Thanksgiving blog is not going to be injected with things that I'm grateful for. I know what I'm grateful for... you readers don't care. I will say that my list of grateful's finally annihilates my list of pet peeves, and for that I am truly thankful.

Ok, so... because my attention pulls me in many directions, I don't blog when I should. When I do blog, it's usually too late, and the moment has passed me. But here are a few things from the past couple of months, that I had the chance to enjoy/and indulge in.

The first was the Vintage Fashion Expo that takes place 4x a year. I wanted so desperately to find some article(s) of clothing to come home with me, but nothing really floored me. There were a couple of items that were museum quality that were stunners (mainly heavily beaded 1920's gowns and hats), but I wasn't willing to drop $2k on any of them.

My approach to shopping...
If the item doesn't knock the wind out of me on first glance, I keep it moving.

Needless to say, I got the spit knocked out of me when I tried this on - 1940's felted wool, military pill box hat w/ mink trim in chocolate brown. SOLD!

Very strange, as I was "just looking" and on my way out. I was trying on hats, because they were so cute and loudly calling my name, and the next thing I know, this little number jumped into my bag, and you know... I couldn't tell it no...

I was so inspired by the clothing I saw, and all the drool-worthy hats that I HAD to sketch when I got back to the car, and I HAD to find a millinery supply shop STAT to start replicating/creating some of the gorgeous hats I'd seen.

So that led me to California Millinery Supply, Co. *gasp* A mess of a store (in a good way), dripping with goodies from floor to ceiling. The kind of shop where you think you're pulling one item off the shelf and one-hundred things (and a pile of dust) end up falling on you. This little gem has been around for decades, and one of the dopest things about this shop is that there are still TONS of vintage supplies stocked for costumers and/or hobbyists to replicate period accurate pieces. LOTS of feathers (which we LOVE!!!)...

Including bird wings -
Which as distasteful as they might seem, I could not walk away without them...


They affect me the same way glitter, mirror balls, trim, sequins or sparkly confetti does where I CAN'T stop starting at them. I can't stop touching them!!! Sometimes it's too much for me to handle in one glimpse, but I can't get enough of it. Kind of like the huge car accident on the side of the freeway - you want to drive past it, but you can't help but look. And look. And STARE until you almost cause another accident.

But come on, we've all seen stranger things then bird wings. Get over it.

A few more feathers I loved...
You can never go wrong with ostrich ;)
Unfortunately, no peacock. Booooooo!!!


I bought several hat forms and feather pads as well ;)

Oh, and then file this under 'found items'...
After about 2 years of wondering where my wannabe "Almost Famous" rock star, furry hippie jacket was, it appeared out of nowhere as I was looking for stuffing to put in my dogs pillow. Still in great condition, and it FITS!!!


I can't believe it's almost Christmas! #@%%!!!!!
Wanted to knit gifts... but realized I don't like you all enough to make you things this year. You wouldn't appreciate it anyway ;) So I'm going to be a scrooge about that type of thing.

I always think of projects to make for others, but I know I'll never get the reaction/response from them that I want (as in... holy $hit, that's genius, YOU are a genius, or the person wearing the item until it falls apart, the person washing the item properly or dry cleaning it! And one or two, or ten others that I feel are totally inappropriate to post!), so I equate that with a project not being worth my time. Next year I will be devoting my energy to completely selfish projects. But for now, I guess I'll finish the gifts that I've started cause I'm nice like that *sucker* :\ Yeah... I'm too nice, but that is seasonal as well.

Right now I'm working on fingerless gloves for me and the hubby.
I make him stuff, cause I know I can smother him in his sleep encourage him nicely if he doesn't wear it or appreciate it the way I think he should ;)

If this didn't bore you enough, peep the knitting projects on the left side of the page and flickr photos! Or hell, leave a comment! What a concept!? I won't hold my breath waiting.


  1. That coat is FIIIIIIIIYYYYYYAAAAAA!!!! The green bird wings are the biz. Love vintage stuff. I was going through the wardrobe at work...through the period piece section. I'm like ooohhh...I could rock this lol.

  2. Aye, if you guys end up cleaning out wardrobe, make sure you scoop me up some stuff yo!