Round 3

Note: This is an OLD post.
Forgot it was even a draft, but I'll go ahead and post it.


I'm keeping the posts coming. Maybe overcompensating for the fact that I didn't post the draft that I had from last week until today.

Here is round 3 of the crocheted granny square blanket(2 more to go...)
It's really starting to take shape. I'm almost excited, mostly excited to almost be done with this blanket! Crocheting is a bit rough on the hands. And in all honesty, I really don't like the texture of crochet. Spoken like a true knitter, right? :D

***[Actually... there is no picture here... I'm already on round 5] !!! ***

Random Thoughts...
a.k.a. things I didn't know were in my camera.
Sometimes I take pictures of completely random things with really good blog ideas in mind, and by the time I start posting, I'm on to something else...

So I will improvise (since I don't remember where I was going with this).
Ikea has all the best ideas, and really cool chip clips (L).
And I love Jennie-O products (R)... I buy them in 12's when they are on sale ;)
Never know when I need to feed and house an army!


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