My new craft of the week is definitely something for someone who is a bit neurotic, a bit obsessive/compulsive, and clearly it's a good match for a multi-tasker who needs something to do while watching tv.

No wonder I eventually gravitated towards crocheting granny squares. It was gonna happen sooner or later. I just decided to give in after I came home from class on Saturday and Michael's [the craft store silly!] was calling my name, coaxing me to park my car, hop out in the rain and make this ridiculous (and might I add, completely unecessary) purchase. Like I don't have enough projects going on?!

So... this is what I did while watching Season 2, Disc 2 of Carnivale on Saturday and during parts of the Grammy's on Sunday. Um... did I just confess to watching the Crappy's on Sunday? *doh* I knocked most of it out on Saturday. But yes... what a process this will be.

Anywho, now I have 49 +/- tiny little squares that will eventually get sewn together to make one fabulously WARM blanket.
The swatch [below, left] is ultimately what each granny square will look like (just differnt color variations). And as the magazine says... this project is 'Real Simple'. *sigh* and I am really corny. And I will NOT apologize.

The squares [below, right] are round one.
Pattern is here and FREE!!! [You might need an account to access it].

Will [of course] post my progress...


And by the way... this is TOTALLY the perfect way to spend a rainy weekend - chillin' on the couch, sippin' on tea, dogs resting on my legs keeping me warm and crocheting or knitting, while vegging out in front of the tv. Pure bliss, you don't even understand. That's a little piece of my heaven.

And new toys! Yay.
Who doesn't love bright, shiny new toys. ESPECIALLY when they end up saving you a lot of time and money in the long run. So these are interchangeable knitting needles. Basically... you just change the tips out depending on the gauge you need for a project, but it saves you the headache of not only coughing up $$$ every time a project asks for a needle you typically would NEVER use BUT it also kills any excuse of why you can't start a new project ('Oh, well I don't have the right needles...').

Oh, and for the non-knitter, Circs are good for pieces that need to be done in the round (body of a garment, sleeves, hats, cowls, socks...) or large pieces that end up weighing a lot and become uncomfortable/awkward to hold on straight needles (think blankets).


So these are the nickle-plated interchangeable circs from Knit Picks. I know, I know...it's a bit sacrilegious for someone who is a self-proclaimed, avid wooden needle user [say that 5x fast], but I found that these needles are quicker/easier to use rather than the wooden varieties I've come across.
[left < >right: Needle Tips, Additional Tips + Interchangeable Cords, What it looks like all Attached.]



  1. Awesome job! I don't think I have the patience to knit anything nowadays! But I'm glad you found a hobby you like a lot! Mine is still watching TV, lol!

  2. hahahaa

    My other hobby would be cracking out on the internet... wikipedia and imdb are dangerous!