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100% Pure Agave Nectar
This is the nectar of the gods.
I've tried many natural sugar substitutes [You're welcome Whole Foods],
but this is the one. It scores high points for its usability in coffee!

More info on Agave Nectar here and here.

Some info from the back of the label:
"Nectar has many fine qualities that make it ideal for all of your sweetening needs. Among them are its certified purity, consistent delicious mild flavor and a lengthy shelf life (won't crystallize). And, importantly, agave nectar has a low glycemic index that is beneficial for many. Plus it is easy to use as it pours and dissolves quickly, even in cold food or drinks."

So off the bat in terms of flavor, it's very similar to honey. Definitely milder. It also has the consistency of a slightly watered down honey. For those calorie counters, 1 tbsp = 60 calories. There's no question that it is better than Stevia and that horrible white sugar. And don't get me started on artificial sweeteners. Specifically the latest, controversial Sucralose. My philosophy has always remained the same... try to eat foods in their most natural form. Be leery of those that are modified. No matter what claims are being made about them. That little pearl of wisdom is free. *wink wink*

This stuff deserves a try and a spot in your pantry!
More about this product ---> here


  1. I definitely have to try that stuff, I use splenda but only half in my coffee and i use honey in my tea. Now I will try that stuff and see what the humbo jumbo is about.

  2. That's freakin' awesome! Did I tell you that I finally got my grand prize from that contest?! I got some energy drinks, and some other stuff. But still have to wait for another part of the prize!