No wonder it takes so long to finish anything...

Especially when you work for a few hours straight, and then realize you've made a STUPID mistake and have to 'rip it' all out and start over.
For you non-knitters... this is not only called an 'Oh $hit' moment, it is known as 'frogging'. As in 'rippit rippit'...*sigh* Yeah... I know.


Below is the project I'm working on.
A nice, soft, chunky short-sleeved sweater by Debbie Bliss. Looks challenging, yet easy.
This is my first project for MYSELF, that is not a scarf.
I even made a GAUGE before I started! You know I'm not playing around now...


And where the needle is...
Yeah, that's how far BACK I had to remove my stitches.
Every time I make a mistake, and realize it a bit into the work, I die a little inside. If nothing else, knitting has given me even more of a reason to be completely neurotic, but it has also taught me a thing or three about patience.

It really IS a virtue. I'll keep you posted on my progress [IF I can get past the first 24"!] Argh!!!

Oh, and just because we all love cute, furry things...
The two things that keep me from climbing up the walls (even more so than usual)-

Miss Riley (L) + Mr. Tinsley (R): *warm and fuzzy thoughts*


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