end of summer

first week of september officially over.
fall is just around the corner...

weekly wrap-up/finished object(s) current projects
on the needles
making progress on "the age of brass and steam kerchief".

this kerchief was right on time. it's like a nice, deep brain massage. very soothing and relaxing. there is a nice balance between a little bit of interest/detail and simplicity in this pattern. it's also turning out to be a quick knit. quick is relative i know, but it's knitting up nicely, growing relatively quickly for a knitter with a short attention span. i also love that because the pattern is very clean and simple, this is a great way to use 1 skein of a showstopper semi-solid yarn. madelinetosh, anyone? or... fill in your favorite vendor :)

shawl knitting is a brand new experience to me (i may have said this 30x within the past 2 wks). having a patternmaking background, it's always interesting to see how knitwear is constructed. very different from woven, indeed. i never understood the allure to small shawl knitting (or shawl knitting for that matter, or lace! gah.) and now i know: generally pretty quick, portable, can be done on circs, usually a 1 skein project so these are great stashbusting projects, they are very wearable and a great way to spruce up a blah outfit with just a little splash of color. i won't say i'm hooked just yet... but i may be getting there.

the brass and steam kerchief is top down, i guess you would call it. you start at the center back, using a garter tab (youtube tutorial), and it grows outward from there. after fumbling with the provisional cast-on from my first shawl - which i ended up scrapping and just doing a long-tail c.o. w/ 2 "make 1" increases - the garter tab c.o. seemed a little more intuitive. and that folks, is called progress :)

because i've been on the massage table these past couple days...
my firstborn shawl is on a time out. i did knit on it a little bit at last weeks spinning guild meeting. and by knit a little bit, i mean 2 rows. done in public. while partially paying attention to what was going on around me. the fact that i could to that, is really progress.

it's a record-breaking short post today :)
i decided to give your eyes a break over this holiday weekend!

other projects are still being worked on, but the new kerchief was more post-worthy!
until next time!

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