tour de fleece week 2 wrap up

short and sweet.
week 2 was technically on the 16th, but i didn't have anything cool ready to share!

so far i have 2 yarns completely finished (below). i am currently working on 5.4 oz of polwarth right now and i hope i can get to these 4 oz of panda blend (sw merino/bamboo/nylon) for some handspun socks for the d.h. the panda blend is also so i can reach my goal of spinning 1 pound of fiber from my stash. i have 6 days to complete this final 7-ish ounces of fiber (tour ends on the 24th, i think/hope), and i am running out of steam!

this is what i have so far (with before and afters):

5 oz of corgi hill farm merino/silk in "byzantine coin"

June 3 (31)


TdF: Day 3

navajo plied. 272 yds, fingering weight.
love the retro colors. this really needs to be a shawl. i think i'll be biting the bullet and making a shawl now!

TdF: Day 12, FO - N-Ply done!

4 oz of corgi hill farm bfl in "tide pool"

corgi hill farms

2 bobbins of singles (lovely!):

TdF: Day 13, 2nd bobbin done!

and plied. i don't know why all of a sudden i'm spinning fingering weight. not that there is anything wrong with that... but my default/preference is dk, as it is versatile, lightweight enough for the styles i like to wear, and i have a zillion patterns set aside for this weight of yarn. anyway... this needs to be a shawl as well ;) and when i say shawl, i'm not talking about a granny/matronly style of shawl. i'm talking about something that is hip, young and stylish which is worn more like a kerchief (a triangular piece of fabric that is tied at 2 of the tips and worn slouchy in the front of your neck) and used to add color to a mundane outfit or as an accessory. any of the styles here is exactly what i'm talking about in terms of how you'd style a kerchief (or scarf as u.o. is calling them) and wear stylishly.

TdF: Day 17

i managed to finish up a little knitting last week. a colleague of mine's daughter's, hrmm... how can i word that better because that really makes no sense... ok, the daughter of an old colleague of mine (redundant?) recently had a baby girl (this works for me, so keeping it!), so of course i had to make a small item for her! ok, that was better. here is her hat!

they loved it (they better have) and this was just the type of project i needed to work on. the nice thing about gifting knitted items to people that knit is because they genuinely appreciate it. they know and understand the time and effort it takes to put something as simple as a hat together. they understand this to be a labor of love.  i think this hat took me about 2 hrs total to complete. i didn't work on it monogamously, of course, but when i did i really blew threw it. love instant gratification projects! this is a free pattern and is appropriately named "jester hat." the link is here!

other than that... that is about it. i'm still working on my "portland" hat. i managed to get a few rows in on that yesterday as my husband drove us to a gm classic car show. i won't post photos of that, but trust me... the cars were amazing! my husband is convinced that in the near future we will be trading our "modern" cars in for classic cars. talk about crap gas mileage. ha! i'll never say never, so we'll see.

until next time...

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