slow and steady...

wins the race.
well, at least that's what is claimed.
i'm slowly chugging along and making progress on my socks, so i believe the old saying to be true.

child's first sock progress...

this sock pattern has a 10-row pattern repeat, which includes a "yo" (yarn over) and a "psso" (pass slipped stitch over). i'm really enjoying the pattern (it's fairly easy to memorize!), even more so after my brain was able to make sense of what the yarn was doing. from now on, i think it's in my best interest to do a sample swatch of the pattern before starting. in a perfect world, i'd probably commit this to memory; i won't make any promises. honestly, i don't mind ripping things back. this extra time is pretty much built into all my projects, because it is a given! :)

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