savoring sunday's [photo-filled blog]

Sunday is my day of rest and I really like to savor them.

The day started off in it's usual fashion... that is "usual" when the weather is good: sleep in a little late, eat breakfast a little later, veg a bit, and then soak in the sun before it gets dark (and cold!).

Sunday is also reserved for a "fancier" breakfast. I skip the usual heart-healthy bowl of oatmeal and fruit, and jump mouth first into indulgence land: Fancy veggie-filled omelette or scrambler, homemade pancakes, cinnamon rolls, bagels, crepes, you name it, nothing is off limits for Sunday breakfast.

Today, I chose muffins.
An explosion of blueberries!!!

 Of course, I typically start my day off with a good cup (or 2) of joe ;)
Bonus points for laying out one of today's knitting projects!

A little bit of vegging out in front of tube...
Animal Planet was a big hit as usual :D

A little nappy poo... you know how we do after a nice meal ;)

A little soaking in the sites [aka just being plain nosey!]...

A little wheel porn... it really is quite lovely!
Currently on the wheel: Corriedale Cross

 And then some knitting!!!

This right here (for you non-knitters) is going to be a hat believe it or not. The pattern is called the "Naked Star Hat" (available for free on Ravelry) or "Slouchy" in my Rav projects and the yarn I'm using is The Sanguine Gryphon "Traveller". It's dk weight (of course), plied (no more using singles on hats for me, sorry Malabrigo worsted), 100% merino and 240 yds (because you wanted to know) in the colorway "The Geyser Grand Hotel." Don't ask me what any of their colorways mean because apparently I'm not in the loop (or as cool as I thought I was), therefore I have not the slightest clue! So far this yarn is a dream to knit with. I'm really loving the subtle shades of copper and gold mixed throughout the skein. This is really my color, so I know I'll wear this till the ribbing comes out.

I was supposed to be getting into some sewing today as well.
Well... sewing in the sense that I am getting ready to plan my next project and clean and oil my machine!

Until next time!

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