Another Dog Blog, pt 3?

Because it's been awhile, it felt like it was about time for another dog blog. So, I hope you can handle all the cuteness I'm about to throw your way.

In this edition: Things that get stuck on a Mini Schnauzer. These dogs are a magnet for all kinds of goodies.

First let me say, my dogs are some of the least pretentious purebred dogs I've ever come across. You know those dogs. Those prissy, uptight, froofy dogs, that don't socialize well with the "others" at the dog park. They sit next to (but usually under) their owner the entire time because they'd rather not get their paws dirty, or better yet, be seen socializing with those that are not as "fabulous" as they are, dahling.

Yeah. That's not my dogs at all. Mine are the kind of dogs that play in the mud immediately after having spent an hour getting groomed. I do the grooming, so this does not amuse me. They sit in the dirtiest area of the backyard and just hang out there and roll around in the leaves, twigs, who knows what. They are a real dogs dog. Not afraid to play rough. Not afraid to get dirty. They come into the dog park (or anywhere else) and act like they own the place causing all kinds of ruckus and mayhem. With them around, you will always know when a Mini Schnauzer has entered the building. Of course, this could be a part of the "small dog syndrome," but nonetheless they are my kind of dog ;) Spunky, trouble making, little firecrackers with a great sense of humor and tons of personality.

The other day, Riley went lizard hunting. Although she came back empty-handed this time (big surprise!), she did come back with something else. Spider webs. Lots and lots of spider webs. On her brows, in her ears, and of course, on her beard.

And this is what Riley is best known for - being alert! She really does sit on "go."

To be such a small dog, Riley is pure muscle. Schnauzers are pretty solid dogs *digressing* When she sees some activity outside, she goes into "let me at 'em" mode (above) ala "Scrappy Doo". Tinsley is "Scooby" - a big ole scaredy cat.

In the house, this is usually one of 2 spots where Riley can typically be found. The other is at the top of the stairs. She has to be right in the middle of the action, with a bird's eye view if possible. When she's outside, she will usually perch on top of their dog house which has a flat roof, and on the rare occasion we forget to tuck the patio chairs under the table, she'll perch on the table.

She is so alert though. She sees and hears everything. It's amazing actually. She can sit at the door for hours just waiting for a little activity outside. Usually of the ground squirrel variety. She's caught/killed 2 already. *sad* But, this is what the breed was initially bred to do - vermin control. And she does it well.

Below is what Tinsley is known for - sitting in the background being the "look-out." He's such a chicken. Usually not the first to run into a burning building (smart guy) he lets Riley do all the work, and then shows up at the end to take the credit. Typical guy hahahaaa! He's the one that will sound the alarm if he thinks something is up, and Riley will come in and handle the situation. They work well as a team, and she doesn't seem to mind having to do all the dirty work.

So back to things that get stuck on a Schnauzer...
The most common item is leaves. Specifically, maple leaves. They can usually be found on their beards a few times a week, but they also can be found on their legs and stomach :D Tinsley has the bigger beard, so he usually gets more of the goodies!

And when I'm in the lab... this is where the doggies hang out :D On a leopard pillow that I made years ago. It wasn't intended for them at all, but they just ended up adopting it. It's one of their favorites. I don't mind at all because this pillow sheds like crazy! I hate having hair all over the place.

Until next time...


  1. O...M...G!! Do you understand how hard I am laughing...LAAAAAAAWD! I think you should do another blog just about Riley and Tinsley cause it is seriously HIGH-larious. Those webs & leaves boss? FLATLINE__________________

  2. LOL!!!
    I'm gonna try to post some videos of them fighting and punking each other. It's seriously the best 5 minutes of entertainment I get each day. They really have no good sense at all! It's great :D