And it begins...

It's been a little over a month since my last visit. So here we go.

Have I shared how much I dislike clothing shopping nowadays?
I don't know exactly when this happened. I'm sure, those of you who know me personally, probably don't know either. I just kind of "fell off." It's a total contrast to the fashionista I was/or thought I was in high school and in the earlier parts of college. Maybe it's an understatement to say that I'm probably just a little bit jaded. Or I grew up? Nah. Things got too predictable for me. And once things become predictable, I get bored, and move on to something else.

So, as if I haven't tortured myself enough, I'm going to be making my own clothing because I'm finally fed up! Argh!!! I'm not just going to Joann's, picking up a pattern and making it work. I'm going to make these damn patterns from scratch. My own personal patterns, with my dimensions, fitting my lumps and bumps and everything in between, from scratch! Sometimes frustration can be the best form of motivation.

So why now? Well, I have all the tools I need right here to get it going, so why the hell not? I also love a good challenge. I love the feeling I get from having worked hard for something, rather than something just being dropped into my lap with little to no effort. And most of all, I'm tired of complaining (and sick of hearing myself complain) about not having any clothing that is my style! Not having clothing that is well-constructed! Not having clothing that is age appropriate! And not having clothing that fits right! Poo!

I understand the challenges I'm up against, and I'll share them, whether you want to read them or not :P This blog (hopefully) will be my motivation; a way to keep me in check by tracking my progress. I may not post weekly, but at least I will be documenting the journey. That's what it's all about anyway, right? (Is that a total cop-out?) :D

Ok, blah, blah, blah. I could ramble on and on, but I'm trying hard to self-edit. [Note: I actually deleted 4 paragraphs here... rants, of course ;)]

So on to patternmaking. Step One - Taking measurements.
[Check out my Flickr page to see my notes on what is in the photo]

My advice here is to make sure you have someone who can help you with the back measurements! The back, although you might think it won't be a big deal, WILL be a big deal. I took all the measurements myself, but had the d.h. double check a few areas. The key to successful patterns is accuracy!


  1. Oh boy, you're far more brave than I am, Kim!

    But, I'm definitely with you on all points of hating clothes shopping, especially the 'age appropriate'. I'm still figuring that one out, so when you find that out, please share with me your secrets.

    I can't wait to watch your progress and your final products. You may have something going here....and be prepared to take custom orders (hint hint).


  2. My grandma used to make her own patterns. I even made a few of my own back in the day (we are talking 30 years ago). I made some bikinis and swimsuit patterns. I have some of my grandma's books, but haven't tried any sewing recently. But being able to make your own patterns is kind of liberating. Plus I cannot believe how expensive the commercial patterns are nowadays. Yikes!

    Can't wait to see how your patterns come out.

  3. @ Elly - I'll share as much as I can! I think we are at that weird age where we are "in-between" categories. But I knew there was a shift happening when the last time I went clothing shopping, the first thing out of my mouth was "wow, it's loud in here" hahahaaaa!

    @ Sheila - That's really cool. Swimsuits can be a challenge (adding to the list lol). I agree with the liberation thing.

    Thanks for the feedback ladies! :)

  4. Uuuuuummmm...when you really get in the groove can you make me a new wardrobe? LOL...but FOR REAL.
    These clothes now a days are ill fitted or a part of some trend which I hate. I am too old to be wearing a puple plaid romper lol. I know exactly what you mean...sheesh

  5. @ CiCi - Wearing a head-to-toe leopard jumpsuit with shoulder pads and ish! Do I look like Grace Jones?! :| That's why I was like, ok, I need to seriously think about my options.