Less... pt. 2

Apparently that last post included LESS BLOGGING.
There is a draft for "More..." but yeah... I'll have to revisit that at a later date!

So, uh... what to fill you in on. Not much I really care to share.
I really don't know what the intention of this whole blogging thing is. For me at least. I guess it really is just an outlet to share some of my home life with my buds. Maybe it will inspire you... maybe you will smile at some of the stuff I post... who knows. Actually, I take back the "inspire" comment. It's hard to inspire others, when you are not inspired yourself [or regularly posting]!

This year got off to a very uninspired start. Craft-wise, that is :P I'm highly inspired in other areas of life [thank god!)].
I was completely lacking motivation in the knitting/sewing/crafting, hell, ALL departments! So there was no activity going on for a couple months. A lot of "damn... I should knit something", but this thought always got trumped by more 'ctrl+t' on the internet browser and a lot more meaningless, completely useless? strings of online research [Black holes? Extinct animals? Plant physiology? Expressing a dogs anal glands? Citrus rootstock? Yeah... this is how my brain works]. So I decided to kick myself in the arse, hard, and get something going. Something for me [finally], that I could wear and [hopefully] be proud of. Something that is challenging and different from the instant gratification projects that I normally lean towards [hats, baby stuff, swatches, scarves] because I'm pretty impatient. Ok... that is a severe understatement. Whatever.

So this leads to my current project.
One which is getting 70% of my attention. I'm almost working solely on this project when I have free time, which is a total contrast to the norm - working on a handful of small things that will NEVER be completed. The other 30% goes to reading, sitting outside in the sun on the patio staring off, watching and recording [for future laughs] the dogs fight/wrestle, random Google research, and editing/organizing my external hard drives.

This will be my FIRST official sweater.
I'm working on the rib pattern at the bottom *sigh* yes, I have a LONG way to go!!! Keep on chugging... one row at a time, on the TINIEST YARN with the TINIEST NEEDLES I have ever used! Glutton for punishment? Absolutely!

Here is my ittie bittie swatch. I blocked it and all that good stuff... yeah... I don't know what the blocking was supposed to prove other than wool (with little to no agitation) can be hand-washed. Got it. I'm not THAT experienced yet to know what to look for, other than, my stitches per inch. I've never blocked before, but it's good to know that... uh, my ittie bittie swatch was nice looking after washing - no fading, etc. I will probably still be reluctant to block the actual sweater once it's done *yikes* What if it shrinks! hahahaaa After all this work! *sigh*

This is where I'm at. This sad, small piece of sweater that looks like a headband straight out of the 80's *sigh* The good news is that the front AND back of the sweater are the same, so I am able to work on them BOTH at the same time :D Oh, and the color of the yarn I'm using is closer to the swatch picture...

So there you have it, in a nutshell.
I'll try to finish up that other blog, as I suspect it was full of snark, and therefore has to be shared ;) Nah, I'll post it (after I edit)...

Carry on...

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