Almost done!!!

I'm pretty excited about this sweater even though I won't be able to wear it until next January hahhaaa :\ Yeah... I'm laughing on the outside. But you know me... I'm not afraid to rock wool in the summer. I'm crazy enough to do it...

Anywho... I digress.
Here is a little peek at where I am on the sweater.
If you need a refresher click here... and I'm at the bottom 1/4.

And the anatomy of a cable...
They look more complicated than they really are. Granted this particular pattern is great for a beginner to get their feet wet, but I'm sure there are more advanced techniques. Essentially, you are just slipping said # if stitches off your needle and knitting in front or back of them, and then you knit them back on your needles. You end up with 'stacked' stitches that end up switching your knitting direction.

Ok... who cares.
All we (and when I say 'we' I mean you readers) care about is the finished product :)

So here's that peek:

AND a little Mr. Tinsley action for you... just because ;)

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