Still in the lab creating, but there is a fresh batch of Peppermint soap (below) and Lavender/Chamomile (not pictured)
still curing (should be ready in about 3 more weeks).Smells DELISH!!!

Will be working on a batch of Clove and possibly a Clary Sage mix OR a Ginger/Citrus blend within the next week or so. I'll keep you posted.

*Oh, by the way, all my bars of soap (so far) are between 3-3.5 oz

And since I'm in a sharing mood,
I'm slowly posting all my knitted WIP's [works in progress] on
[This link will only work if you are a member on ravelry. If not, you must wait for an invite].

Yeah... I double posted, so what. This blogging is turning into my worst Myspace nightmare all over again. If you see multiple posts, it's because my html codes are jacked up and not working properly! hahahaaa


  1. Your soap's looking nice, it makes me wish I had smell-o-vision

  2. Dude, I'm still waiting for the soap you were gonna send me for my b-day and christmas, two years ago! lol!

  3. Oh... uh...
    *doh* Yeah... you'll be getting a sampler package in the mail soon.